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Fast and quality freight transportation

Local and international freight transportation (cargo compartment volume from 11 up to 120 cubic meters) is at your disposal.

We will transport freight of any kind: furniture, construction materials, constructions, things, household equipment, piano, safes and other items. We will carry out a qualified relocation of offices, apartments, summer residences, private houses, warehouses, halls, shops in Riga, Latvia, Baltic states, Europe, Scandinavia, Belarus, Russia and Ukraine.

The key to a successful move is a qualitative packing, therefore we will pick relevant packing material depending on the surface fragility, value and quality. Old stuff export to a landfill. We offer lifting work (heavy items moving).

Experienced drivers will quickly and reliably deliver your cargo. Professional loaders will quickly and carefully load/ dispatch your cargo.

Minibuses are equipped by a navigation system that allows to choose an optimum route. Part loads and groupage delivery.

We work on weekends and holidays. The big work. experience. Transportation quality is guaranteed. Departure of manager for assessment and consultation is free.



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For detailed information about a vehicle you can ask our manager.

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